June Eng
Designer & Creator

Copy of Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill


In 2015, I contributed to two high-profile initiatives at Sequence, the first one involving a new campaign on the newly relaunched Chipotle.com to promote health awareness, the second one involving research, strategy and design recommendations on CMG's ordering app.



1. CMG Project Brief

One of the things that customers love most about Chipotle is the customizable nature of our food. In addition to allowing customers the ability to build a meal that perfectly meets their taste, our unique service model and the food we serve is ideally suited for customers with special dietary needs/preferences. Beyond vegetarians or customers who are allergic to specific ingredients, Chipotle has long been a favorite of people who follow so-called “fad diets” like Atkins or Paleo or gluten-free. As these diets have proliferated, a significant portion of the population has come to limit their diet in some way. In 2013, the NPD Group reported that about 30% of U.S. adults eat a gluten-free diet or actively avoid gluten. While we have always accommodated the special dietary needs of customers in our restaurants, the re-launch of Chipotle.com offers the opportunity for us to tout the countless dietary needs that can be met at Chipotle.

2. CMG Project Objectives

  • Make it easier for customers with special dietary needs to build a delicious meal at Chipotle.

  • Showcase the customizability of our food and the simplicity of our ingredients.


Initial design explorations optimized browsability between diet types for both desktop and mobile devices. 


The launch of this campaign was considered a success, as it enabled
customers with special dietary needs to easily build a meal on
Chipotle.com, and incentivized health awareness and customization
of the brand's menu offerings.




My first project at Sequence was to conduct a research study to observe and document customer feedback on Chipotle's e-commerce ordering app. Combining contextual inquiry and ethnographic research with close examination of the multiple engagement channels on Chipotle's ordering platform (desktop, mobile and email), our design team was able to identify the app's main pain points and KPI's that would simplify the customer journey, increase engagement and optimize sales.


Our goal is to continually maintain and improve a future-focused app ecosystem, driving engagement, and ultimately sales.
— sequence strategy deck (2015)


We conducted a series of interviews with first-time users of the mobile app, targeting individuals who had familiarity with the brand and had a specific income threshold. We interviewed nine subjects total for an hour each, taking video recordings and detailed notes, asking our participants to talk through their experience of using the app for the first time.

Key data points and observations included:

  • The majority of the participants were iOS users (56%).  Forty-four percent were Android users.

  • Twenty-two percent of the participants thought that the app was a delivery app (vs. for pickup only).

  • One hundred percent of them had a job, with salary ranges in the middle-income bracket or higher.

  • Seventy-eight percent of study participants found the registration process difficult, and one user was unable to complete registration.

  • Almost half of the users experienced confusion on the order confirmation page after completing an order for the first time.



Metrics and personas were used to extract insights and
balance user intent with business goals.




Of the 9 subjects interviewed, 8 of them missed the favorites button when placing an order for the first time.
— Research Insights


Final design improvements kept the favorites button above the fold by default on all order confirmation pages, regardless of order volume or type. The new designs, information hierarchy and microcopy resulted in a clearer path-to-purchase for Chipotle's customers, and contributed to increased consumer loyalty and alignment with the brand's overall sales strategy.


ROLE   Design Consultant

DATE   2015