June Eng
Designer & Creator

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes


Pitney Bowes is a global technology company founded in 1920 providing customer information management, location intelligence and mailing and shipping services to over a million people worldwide. As Lead Experience designer at DigitasLBi, I collaborated with creative, UX and strategy teams to develop customer experience initiatives on their e-commerce platform.


A Business Analyst and UX Designer provided wireframes for a software/hardware subscription plan that would link to Pitney Bowes' existing e-commerce experience.  



Existing marketing models for tiered software packages (Saas) were researched — all offered 3-5 software-only options. As this particular subscription plan integrated hardware configurations in addition to software, the complexity of choice architecture increased. A common design pattern emerged — free trial packages were often offered as a separate plan, and presented as a call-to-action outside of other purchasing options.



Additional research on best-in-class e-commerce solutions provided guidance for UI and page flow patterns.



Apple's approach to configuring their product.

Maintenance plan located on separate page.

 Checkout page with summary of order.

Checkout page with summary of order.

Whole Foods' approach to providing unlimited product options.



Iterative wireframes proposed a free trial call-to-action above the fold, separate from tiered pricing plans. Hardware configurations were kept distinct from their dependencies (maintenance plans), and moved to a separate page outside of the offer page. Buy options were prioritized over lease.

Information was rearranged to clarify hardware vs. software options, calling attention to the free trial option above the fold.

UI elements to reflect unlimited hardware options were shown, bundling maintenance plan options by hardware type.


"Baked in" costs for pricing plan were noted and required further clarification.

Logic behind enabling users to purchase "unlimited" hardware options were questioned, when paired with other hardware options with a low limit and when they included plan dependencies for a number of years.


Reviewing business requirements revealed inconsistencies in the campaign's pricing strategy. Additional adaptations to the requirements documents and prototypes were made.



High-fidelity designs and finalized copy were demoed in Sketch and Invision. 


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DATE   2015

ROLE   Experience Lead